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FURTHER SOLUTION FOR HUHILL TRANSPORTATION                                              


*Existing ski lifts are easily adapted to carry riders to the start of the toboggan run.

*Advantages of the draglift track:

*Transport capacity of 500 persons per hour and more

*The draglift track can remain in place in winter-minimal conversion cost when changing from winter to summer operation

*Toboggans disengage automatically at the top of the lift

*Closed circuit operation is possible where riders face toward on the lift

*Stainless steel construction:trouble-free for decades

The riders are pulled up facing torwards on gradients up to 30% . They face downhill on steeper tracks(all sliding toboggans are towed backwards--the riders face downhll). 


A Further possibility for uphill transport is the use of and existing chairlift,

*No addtional investment necessary

*Chairlift is alo used in the summer

The toboggans can be hooked directly onto the seats by hand. although this solution is labor-intensive.


As an inexpensive alternative we offer the sled transport system with an independent lift system which carries the sleds uphill from the lower station and stores them at the mountain top station.

under appropriate conditions, the sleds can be hung by the seat and sussequently disengaged with the aid of the coupling system.